A Crochet Conference and Vacation All-in-One


The Crochet Cruises, hosted by Mikey and Diva Dan, is a floating retreat for crocheters.


Crocheters certainly love the creative community established on the ships. Crochet is the basis of why we have come together, but we cannot emphasize enough how important and touching that it’s more about the community that we’ve developed on board.


While on board, we have workshops and informal gatherings. Workshops range from beginners and beyond. We include a buddy system during class for those that require a bit more help and we stress encouragement and a non-judgmental environment. Actually, the fun is unbelievable!


Fun, Smiles and Lots of Yarn

Cruise Tickets Get You What Exactly?


The rates of your cruise tickets includes you cabins, meals, the ports of interest, and amazing  cruise entertainment. In perspective,  a floating hotel to exotic locations for a whole week! It also includes your activity fee to play. Non-participants will have the cost of the activity fee removed from their cruise ticket prices. Be sure to tell our agent who is participating and who is not so she can adjust your cruise ticket prices when booking.


Cruise Ticket Prices


The prices in our the booking information are set by our cruise agent. However, let us point out a few differences in the prices:


  • You must book through our agent. Our entire party needs to be under one massive group so the cruise line will handle us all together as a party. There are no exceptions to booking on your own.


  • We have many different cabin options ranging from the lowest to the highest prices. You can select a cruise cabin that fits your budget. This is subject to available of cabin inventory. Booking early allows you more options.


  • The prices you see includes your port, gratuities and taxes. You can set your budget knowing all costs up front with no hidden taxes or fees that are usually added afterwards. We don’t show you a cheap rate and then surprise you with port fees, taxes and more when it comes to check out. We have it all worked in.


  • Our agent has blocked our set of cabins. If for example you prefer another option, just speak with our agent and she can make arrangements to accommodate you. Be aware that moving you somewhere else in the ship could alter your cruise ticket pricing.


  • There are a limited number of specialty cabins for wheel chairs and more. Those are sold on a first come, first serve basis by the cruise line. Our agent will need to check availability before locking your reservation as they cannot be blocked into our party for holding.


Cabins are sold based on two people minimum per cabin. Essentially, if you are traveling alone, the cabin is about double the price if you are by yourself. We do not match up roommates due to USA and Canadian Privacy Laws.


Activity Fee is now included in your invoice. Please contact Sherry regarding any question about the Activity fee, Excursions, Hotel, Transportation and your Cruise Stateroom. For those that are not joining us in the activity classes, the activity fee will be deducted from the ticket.

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