Project Linus Homework

The Crochet Cruisers are heading to the deep southern Caribbean in February 2018. This cruise is about exploration, interpretation and personalization and we want our Project Linus Squares to reflect each of us. .

Friendship Project Linus

The Project

Materials and Patterns

Using yarn such as Bernat Super Value or Caron One Pound or equivalent, we are challenging cruisers to crochet squares that speak to them. Whether it’s a granny square or square that is done in rows.

Try to use 5 mm or H hook size with your yarn. Project Linus needs squares or blankets that are not too open in stitch work. So avoid anything lacy looking. The blankets are children of different ages.


Most people choose to do the exact same square for all 9 squares but that’s up to you.


Choose colours that Kids would love! Bright and Fun for Girls or Dark or bold for boys.


Your square needs to be 10” x 10”. We will be assembling your squares with other cruisers. 3 x 3 squares. Giving an assembled dimension of 30” x 30” plus workshop borders we will do together which gets us to the required size for Project Linus.


Things to Think About

Things to Watch Out For:


* Please crochet 9 Squares minimum. If everyone does 9, we can have approximately 70 afghans for Project Linus. If people do more than 9, we will have more to give.


* Do not use any yarn like eye lash yarn or novelty scratchy yarns.


* Avoid using natural fibers like wool. Use 100% acrylic please.


* You can use as many or little colours as you wish. Please ensure all of your tail ends are tucked and fully secured so we can get right to work on the ship.


*  Do not pre-assemble your squares in advance.


* No matter your design, ensure your square is 10” x 10” as close as you can get it.

How It Works

Our Great Exchange

On Opening Night, we will do the Project Linus Square Trade Off.


Everyone should have a 10” x 10” so there should not be any squares that are too big or too small.


In an organized fashion in random order around the conference room to go to the community tables to select 8 squares.


Each square should be different as each blanket is about diversity, so they are not expected to be matching each other.


We will have community yarn on hand to balance out the colouring of the squares through border work.


We will cover assembly options and begin the workshop.

Need Ideas, Ask on the Private Seas the Southern Seas Facebook page. We are all here to give inspiration, share thoughts, explore ideas and mostly importantly, give each other a helping hand.

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