Panama Canal

 Crochet Cruise

Leaving Miami, Florida

Date: Oct. 25th, 2019

- 15 night cruise -

Experience a dream vacation like no other. Imagine heading from Florida to California gliding through the Panama Canal, seeing exotic places and spending time crocheting. This 15 night/ 2 week+ cruise is super exciting. With some amazing ports, cultures and stunning landscapes, this cruise is for the serious adventurer. This has been a request from many of our past cruisers as a bucket list and for 2019, we have added this to our crochet discoveries. And for this one time only!


 We won't deny it, because it is a serious holiday, with plenty of ports, the number of days, this is one that will be your ultimate dream cruise! Be sure to talk to Sherry about payment plans. This will be a fabulous and awesome adventure of the true tropical life with plenty of time to relax and crochet from one end of North America to the other.

Your Crochet Vacation

Leaving from Miami, Celebrity Infinity will take you to Cartagena, Columbia where the rich history will surprise you. Next, we travel to Colon, Panama and through the Panama Canal. Puntarenas, Costa Rica is the newest and becoming the most popular destination for travelers where you will discover lush rain forest and a rich coast hence the name Costa Rica. On Day 10. Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala  is a place where you can see breath-taking volcanoes and Mayan temples. A few days at sea we are heading along the Mexican coast to Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas, two very popular destinations. We end our cruise in San Diego. What a trip to experience! Your floating hotel will take you to 5 countries experiencing different cultures and expanding you knowledge. This Crochet Cruise is a once in a life time adventure and we finally decided to take the plunge for a fabulous stitch-cation. So let's hook our way through the Panama Canal, laugh and discover more then the Caribbean!

Book in 3 Easy Steps

1. Book your cruise before cabins are sold out. You can do this now to lock in your classroom seat!

2. 6 months before sailing date, hotels and travel will be available.

3. Excursion will become available closer to sailing date.


Once booked with our cruise agent, further updates will be notified on our Private Mardi Gras Crochet Cruise Facebook Page. We will invite you directly through Facebook to join. Only participants in our program are in this private group. (Invitation only)

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What is Involved

We thank Sherry Leybovich for being very attentive with all the organization of our cruises. Sherry has a tremendous amount of knowledge of the cruising industry and will help in whatever she can. If you are looking for a personal holiday; land sea or air, Sherry will help you!


The Crochet Crowd Cruises would not be possible without Sherry's help. She loves to talk! You will feel like she has been a friend with you for a long time. She loves the business and it shows.


We at The Crochet Crowd thank you Sherry for being part of our crochet community!

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