Hotels & Transportation


For those going to San Francisco, there is a mad run on Hotel Accommodations already in San Francisco for February 2017 due to major conventions on at the same time.


As a result of major functions happening at the same time we are there, we were unable to get corporate rates for any hotels in San Fran.


Near the port is the Best Western Plus 'The Tuscan'. Many cruisers may be staying at this hotel. Bookings in San Francisco for hotels will most likely sell out.


Cruisers will be required to book on their own at this hotel or any other accommodations of their choice. I will forewarn you though, the prices downtown San Francisco are not cheap. So shop it around and make a judgment call that suits your budget.


Consider the location of the airport to the hotel and then consider the location from the hotel to the port terminal.


Sorry folks, Sherry tried her best. The major technology functions are on at the same time drawing in 10’s of thousands of people into the city at the same time we are there. Daniel and I will be staying at Best Western Plus the Tuscan, so we are close to the port terminal and with ease of walking around to tour the city the day before.


So be sure to put this on your top priority list. It is expected that you will not be able to find a hotel accommodation as you get closer. This hotel is just a suggestion but is pretty pricey. Again, shop it around. It's all about location, location and location.


Things to consider when looking for accommodations is the distance from the airport to the hotel. Then hotel to cruise terminal. Daniel and I generally stay in budget hotels but we have found budget hotels fill up really quick when there is conventions on.


There are lots to think about with Transportation. Air flights, shuttle or taxi from the Airport to the hotel, to the cruise terminal, coming back and maybe parking if you are driving. Like any vacation the stresses of arranging transportation can be daunting.


Air Flights


The INTERNET is often the best way to book your flights. Choose your favourite airline. We have been happy with Southwest Airlines. Our luggage has never been a problem plus prices are very completive. However if you are wanting help, Sherry is more then willing to arrange flights for you. There is an additional $25.00 fee per ticket if you book through Sherry.


It is a good idea to book a hotel the night before the cruise. Winter weather has it's surprises. It's better to be a day early and get on the ship then chance it.


To get an idea of flight prices, just go onto an airline of your choice and get a rough idea from your airport to San Fransisco. This will give you an idea to budget for.



Times to Arrive and Depart tip


If arriving same day as the cruise departure, the last shuttle leaves approximately 1:00 pm from San Francisco to Port. You should factor in potential flight delays.


When leaving to go home, your flight should not be before 1 pm on the day we dock back into San Fran.


Check with your hotel to see what transportation services they have. They often have the information on their websites. Some might have services to and from the airport. Usually shuttles to the cruise terminal are not free.


Taxis, personal shuttles and even uber are very good choices.

We thank Sherry Leybovich for being a saint and  very attentive with all the organization of our cruises. Sherry has a tremendous amount of knowledge of the cruising industry and will help in whatever she can. If you are looking for a personal holiday; land sea or air, Sherry will help you!


The Crochet Crowd Cruises would not be possible without Sherry's help. She loves to talk! You will feel like she has been a friend with you for a long time. She loves the business and it shows.


We at The Crochet Crowd thank you Sherry for being part of our crochet community!