Frequently Asked Questions


Review Pricing and Special Offers


Consider the stateroom and review the special offers as certain levels of cabins will get further complimentary deals.

Cabins are sold based on two people. Rates in our forms are based on two people per cabin. Please note that Sherry has blocked off a certain amount of cabins. Once sold out, she can request more but the price cannot always be guaranteed once a block of rooms has sold out.


Only 1 Person Per Cabin?


Cruise ships sell cabins based on two people per cabin. For example, if the Cabin is $1000. If traveling solo, the rate of the cabin is nearly doubled. It is more economic to bring someone with you and/or locate a roommate to share a room to split the costs of the cabin.

If you plan on locating a roommate but haven’t found one at the time of making your reservation, you will still be required to pay double the down payment to hold your cabin. If you find a roommate after the fact, Sherry can adjust your cabin pricing to be fair to you and your roommate.




We cannot legally get involved in matching roommates together. It is up you to to locate a roommate. Choose your roommate very carefully. If your roommate cancels on you, you either have to find a replacement roommate or pay for an entire cabin on your own or cancel your reservation if you cannot find someone.


More than 2 People per Cabin?


If you have more than 2 passengers per cabin, you need to contact Sherry on the phone to get custom pricing. Sherry must locate you a cabin within your choices to ensure there is enough beds in the cabin. Not all cabins are equal.


Modified Cabin?


If you need a modified cabin, you need to speak with Sherry as she must check the ship to determine if the cabin you are requesting are still available. She must make special arrangements with the ship to secure a modified cabin for you.



After You Placed Your Reservations?


Your form will be received by our agent. You most likely will receive an auto-responder acknowledging your booking. Check your junk box if you don’t see it in your regular inbox.


Your form is in queue for processing. Even though you have placed your credit card information to secure your reservation. The system doesn’t automatically process your cabin charges. Our agent will personally contact you to verify your details, selections and go through your booking prior to charging your credit card. She will also lock in your booking with the ship.


Absolute phone conversation must be carried before any process can be made through Sherry. Failure to return any of her calls in less then 4 days will result in the cancellation of your form request; As the next person in line will have the ability to get the cruise deals. We book blocks of cabins. Once a block is sold out, we return and request another block of cabins. Cabins pricing will likely go up.


Our agent takes the time with each passenger prior to booking. When we launch a new cruise, she is generally swamped with bookings and can take a few days to get to everyone. Please be patient.


Our group is assigned a dining room time so that we may run our workshops so everyone is present. We choose the early dining. Should you not wish this dining time, you must communicate with our agent, but by changing your dining time, you may be conflicting with our activities.


Once you are booked, we will add you to a private Facebook Group with others who have reserved the same event / cruise. This will allow you to get to know people prior to the event.


If you have any additional questions prior to booking, please contact Sherry at the contact information below.

Cancellation Policy Cruise Tickets


The contract made with our agent is a binding contract between you and the cruise line. Please ask about the cancellation policies at the time of booking. Ensure you ask her about the cancellation policies of your cruise tickets  at the time of purchase.


In the event that you have an emergency or something that comes up, consider purchasing travelers insurance with our agent at the time of booking so you can be protected. In the unfortunate event that you need to cancel or reasons beyond your control. Keep in mind that you still need to contact Sherry Leybovich to cancel your cruise tickets. You are subject to the cancellation policies arranged with Sherry. Insurance can be purchased up until final payment but it is advised to purchase as soon as possible as the activity fees are not refundable.


General cancellations Fees with cruise lines:


89-57 days prior to sailing: $900

56-29 days prior to sailing: 50% of total charges

28-15 days prior to sailing: 75% of total charges

14 days or less of the sailing: 100% of total charges


Each cruise line has their own policies for cancellation. The information about is a general outline but the cruise line's policies are the final decision when canceling.


Activity Fees


Invoices for the activity fees will be sent out within 30 days of making the reservation. The client has 30 days from the time they receive it to pay the activity fee which is not refundable. Although we understand emergencies occur, we have already committed numbers to our vendor partners, paid fees and have allocated funds for these events. Upon booking and agreeing to partake in the classes, you have committed your involvement to be part of The Crochet Cruises. A strong commitment to attend is necessary.


To receive the workshop supplies, you must be on board to claim your supplies. Should you cancel, supplies will not be mailed or given to a friend on the ship to pass along to you. There is work involved and financial payments due based on your commitment to go that is charged the Crochet Cruise based on your commitment to go. Though you could decide not to attend, we are unable to get our money back if you cancel.


Trip cancellation insurance is strongly encouraged as it will protect you in the event you cancel for a covered reason.

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