Eastern Caribbean,

Once Upon a Stitch

From Port Canaveral and Back

Oct 21st, 2017- Oct 28thth 2017

a 7 day cruise


Our Once Upon a Crochet Cruise adventure is right after a very first land retreat at Walt Disney World. We are going to head to Port Canaveral on a bus from our hotels at Disney World to have some fun on the Carnival Ship called Magic. From One magical place to another!


A great week of excursions and tropical islands. We are offering this trip as part of the bigger holiday adventure or a stand alone. You can do Disney, The Eastern Caribbean and even if you want, right after this cruise we stay on board and sail to the Western Caribbean for our Halloween Cruise. You can even do just the cruises together as a back to back cruise. Besides, who wants to head home early when there are lots of friends to meet and fun times crocheting, gossiping and laughing with the Crochet Crowd.

This event is sponsored by our friends at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores. We thank them for all the help!

Your Crochet Vacation

Visiting 4 major ports on this packed Itinerary, you will enjoy the time away to these tropical destinations. Once in Grand Turk, you can sit back and enjoy the sun, walk through San Juan where you can explore the old city of Puerto Rico and fall in love with the culture and colourful atmosphere, dive into Amber Cove, another sun bathing tropical sea exploring destination and finally St Thomas where shopping and beach life is at it's best. Imagine all that PLUS time to crochet and meet new friends.


Once Upon a Crochet Cruise will bring back the magic in crochet with new ideas, helping with patterns, discover new yarns and most of all be part of the Crochet Crowd excitement. We are super excited to offer another round of crochet cruises on Carnival Cruise line for those who love a crazy vacation.

We thank Sherry Leybovich for being a saint and  very attentive with all the organization of our cruises. Sherry has a tremendous amount of knowledge of the cruising industry and will help in whatever she can. If you are looking for a personal holiday; land sea or air, Sherry will help you!


The Crochet Crowd Cruises would not be possible without Sherry's help. She loves to talk! You will feel like she has been a friend with you for a long time. She loves the business and it shows.


We at The Crochet Crowd thank you Sherry for being part of our crochet community!

Crochet Activity

The Ship: Carnival Magic

Project Linus