Walt Disney World, Wish upon a Stitch

Orlando, Florida

Oct 18th, 2017 - Oct 20th 2017

a 1- 3 day event

The Crochet Crowd proudly presents Wish Upon a Stitch exclusively at Walt Disney World on Oct 18 – 20, 2017. We have exclusive access to the Living Seas Pavilion in Epcot. Yes… we will be under the sea in the massive aquarium in a private section called the Living Seas Salon.


We will be at Disney World for three days prior to our Crochet Cruise. For our Crochet Cruisers, you have an opportunity to be part of our Disney Event. For land lovers, you can make your way to Disney World to be part of our event.


We have a fabulous itinerary lined up so you can enjoy Walt Disney World and crochet at the same time. We have timed our events in the mid afternoon. A day of walking around, you are ready to relax and get out of heat. Time for a Stitch Social.


We hope you enjoy what we have planned below and invite you to part of our Magic Experience within Walt Disney World.


This event is sponsored by our friends at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores. We thank them for all the help!

Your Disney Crochet Vacation

We want to show Disney how fun crochet is! We are looking for as many people to be part of our stitch socials during the three days. We know that many families have yearly Disney passes, we love to see you there! For those that want to enjoy Disney as a holiday and a little time to meet some new friends that love to crochet, come and join us.


We have a generous bag of yarn and goodies provided by us and our special sponsor to be provided for those that join us for lunch and hookin at the Epcot Living Seas Pavilion, it's our private party! That's right, we are having a party near the aquarium.  Seats are very limited for this party, There is a fee $150.00 for the Epcot Living Seas Pavilion Party event. Contact Sherry for more information or Click on Disney Stitch Socials


Disney Tickets to the Park

Park Admission is extra but we have packaged this up for your convenience. For Season Pass Holders, there is no additional admission for the parks but you will still be required to pay our Activity Fee if you are attending our event at the Living Seas Pavilion.


Park Admission Tickets can be purchased closer to this event.


Admission Breakdown – Approximate


Children 10+ and Over to Adult is the Same Price


$125 / Day

250 / 2 Day Pass

$346 / 3 Day Pass

Our Agent Can Get you More Days if You Request it.


We’ve opted not to do an Additional Park Hopper Pass where guests can change parks during the day. The parks are so massive that you can easily spend a day in one park

Disney Dining Options

Dining can be really expensive at Disney if having to pay individually for meals and beverages.


Disney has dining packages that you can pay in advance instead of having to worry about your budget going crazy while at Walt Disney World.


While visiting the theme parks for inspection for our event, we came to understand that buying food on the fly is really pricey. Depending on where you eat, you can expect to pay around $20 for a simple burger and fries and drink. While the food portions are generous at Disney, you can save a lot more money doing a dining plan instead. Personally speaking, I think you would be crazy not to buy a dining package as I think you will spend far more money than you need to.


For those who have already booked with our event, you need to contact Sherry to add a Dining Package if you wish to go this option. Your dining package covers you for all Walt Disney Resorts. There are several different dining plan options to meet your wishes from Quick Service, Disney Dining and Deluxe Dining.


Quick Service Meals are like buffets, food on the go. Serve yourself and sit like a cafeteria.

Table Service is conventional waiter service to your table to order off a select menu within your food dining package limit.

Note that alcohol beverages are not included in the dining packages.

Be advised, while at Epcot, we will be serving a meal during our Stitch Social Event at the Living Seas Pavilion which is part of your Activity Fee for this Event.


Limited Time Offer


The Attached Food Prices are for 2016 and may be subject to increase in 2017. Disney has agreed to hold this pricing for all bookings for a select time period within our party. Prices are subject to go up without notice. You are best to book your dining packages ASAP or at the time of your booking to lock in your prices.

Disney Hotels

We thank Sherry Leybovich for being a saint and  very attentive with all the organization of our cruises. Sherry has a tremendous amount of knowledge of the cruising industry and will help in whatever she can. If you are looking for a personal holiday; land sea or air, Sherry will help you!


The Crochet Crowd Cruises would not be possible without Sherry's help. She loves to talk! You will feel like she has been a friend with you for a long time. She loves the business and it shows.


We at The Crochet Crowd thank you Sherry for being part of our crochet community!

Living Seas Pavilion

Disney Stitch Socials
Disney Handbook