Yarn and Course Materials


All yarn and course materials have been carefully chosen and subsidized and/or purchased by The Crochet Cruise through our sponsors. There will be an array of yarns that you may or may not have tried before. The point of The Crochet Cruises is to try new things. If you do not like the yarn, suck it up buttercup!


Patterns on Board


Patterns will be issued with each project. The patterns chosen have been intentionally chosen to educate and learn new techniques or ideas.


In certain classes, there will be numerous patterns issued where crocheters can choose the patterns they wish to do. The class may break off into mini groups where a table leader or a crocheter at the table may take the lead in helping with the pattern.


Services Beyond Our Control


Generally, Daniel and I are easy to please and are grateful for the services extended by any crew member. While we can control what happens in the classroom, we cannot control your experiences of what happens with the rest of your cruise.


If you are unhappy with the services extended to you by the cruise line, please go to guest services to resolve your issues.


When Roommates Have A Disagreement


It is regretful that some roommates may have a disagreement on board the cruise. It’s a cruise and sometimes it’s a long time being with the same person. It’s easy to get on each others nerves.


Give each other some space. Just because you are roommates or may have come together, doesn’t mean that you have to spend every waking moment with the same person. The ship is very large and there is a lot of things happening. Take some “you” time.


We will not get involved or try to counsel roommates while on board. This is up to you to figure it out.


Please Respect Privacy


While we are together as a group, remember that each and every person is on board may want some privacy or time to spend on their own. This is after all, your vacation. We have an open policy for the open decks to come and join the group without an invitation required.


If you see crocheters be sure to ask permission before inviting yourself to sit with other crochet cruisers to be respectful. They may want their own personal time and we need to respect that.


Say Hello to Fellow Crochet Cruisers


Our leadership team will try to make great effort to remember all of the passengers. If you are wearing your Crochet Cruiser Lanyard, we will be be able to identify each other much easier.


In the event that we walk by any crochet cruiser without saying hello or offer a genuine smile, it’s not personal. We may have not seen you and/or don’t recognize you. Just simply say hello and our brains will kick in!


Personal Contact


Cruise lines strongly discourages personal contact with passengers. Example may be hugs. Mikey and Diva Dan are fine with hugs from our fans.


We encourage people to speak if you wish not to be hugged or personal contact. We will not be offended.


If you are feeling under the weather, please be respectful with the people around you.


Course Materials


The course materials were subsidized by our sponsors as a gift for those who participate with The Crochet Cruise.


We have agreed with our sponsors that gifts are to only be given to guests who participate. Participants who attend all of our events will be receiving all of the available course materials. Should a participant miss a class, they will forfeit the course materials allotted for the class. Course materials will not be given out to friends to give to friends who miss the classes.


Please Note: The activity fee does not include the course materials. The activity fee covers administrative fees required to produce this event.


Non-Active Participants


Only registered guests that are crocheting actively with our group will be receiving the course materials.


Guests will forfeit their course materials for the duration of the cruise if they are not participating. Examples include:


- Showing up at the beginning of the class and leaving.

- Showing up but not crocheting or participating with our group.

- Spouses, friends or others sitting quietly who are not crocheting with our group.

- Strict No Soliciting on Board.


Cruise lines have strict ‘no soliciting policy’ in effect on board. You may not approach passengers to solicit, hand out materials or advertise The Crochet Crowd on board. This is for the protection of all passengers and crew members.


Members of The Crochet Cruises who are caught soliciting will be removed for any further activities for the remainder of the cruise and will not be able to cruise with our retreats in future cruises.


We have signed waivers stating that we and none of our guests will be soliciting on board the ship. Our party on board is classified as a private function and not part of the over all ship’s itinerary.


No Additional Seats


Our assigned group on board is known to the cruise line. We may not invite any non-registered crocheters to be a part of our party while on the cruise. You cannot bring them to our workshops as we are assigned just enough chairs for our party.


Behavior Policy


As always, The Crochet Crowd focuses on positive creativity within our learning environment. It is easy to say something negative but please think before you speak. We all want to have a good time.


Disruptive behavior is behavior which may include speech or actions will result in the removal of a guest from attending any further workshops and events by The Crochet Crowd while on the ship. Actions may include:


  • Disrespectful, offensive, and/or threatening.
  • Interferes with the learning activities of other crocheters.
  • Impedes the teaching abilities of The Crochet Crowd.
  • Demonstrates a negative impact in our learning environment.
  • Disruptive behavior includes physically, verbally or psychologically harassing, threatening, or acting abusively toward an instructor, staff member, or another guest.


Photos and Videos


Upon Purchasing the activity portion of the Crochet Cruise classes and workshops, this is your agreement and acceptance that photos and videos will be taken as a memory of the cruise and for marketing purposes. We take absolute sensitivity to 'horrible' photos.


Free Cruises and/or Subsidized Cruises


The Crochet Cruises do not offer free cruises under any circumstances. We are unable to subsidize any cruise tickets or activity fees. The cruise ticket prices are set by the cruise line. Our activity fee goes towards the expenses of being able to host this event on board the cruise ship.


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