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The Crochet Cruises Official Cruise Planner is Sherry Leybovich. Sherry has her own franchise of Cruise Planners™ and is based in Florida with a team of three associates. Cruise Planners are not just cruises but they can also plan land vacations and can coordinate transportation, excursions and more. They can bridge the gap with providing exceptional services and know exactly how to negotiate to get the best rates and little extra bonuses.


Meet Sherry


Sherry and her family have a of love for cars and personally host their own Classic Car Cruises each year.. This experience is invaluable in organizing our group with the cruise lines for our crocheters! She isn’t just a group planner, she walks the walk! In knowing what the Cruise Lines need for negotiations and the steps involved in working with all of the departments to host a conference on board, there are many factors involved in bringing groups on board. We have found in the past, not everyone completely understands the steps involved other than from what they are told. Not just planning an event but hosting her own, this knowledge proves to be invaluable.


Sherry took over the Cruise Planning for The Crochet Cruises in Spring 2015. It was unbelievable the difference from the first few hours of working with Sherry. Her actions speak so much louder than her words.


In Sherry’s past, she used to work for a brick & mortar Travel Agency that had traditional business hours only. She found that issues would come up after hours to which she was unable to respond and rectify. Today, Sherry works at home early in the morning and into the late evenings nearly every day. Cruise line companies behind the scenes are open to 10 pm each day so she tends to work up to 10 pm (Eastern Time Zone) because she is able to arrange and plan accordingly.


Out of 1200 Franchises for Cruise Planners, Sherry is in the Top 10. After working with her, whether it be your personal or group vacation plans, you will quickly realize why she's top of the league.


Sherry handles all negotiations, reservations and more, that involves communications with the cruise line. While we here at the Crochet Cruises still control our own schedule and conference programming on board, we submit our requirements for the group through Sherry to plan conference times, space on board, and can even arrange private function parties that involve food and beverages. She acts as our liaison for security, letters of authorization, transportation, manifest reporting and more. It takes us over a year to plan as we try to give Crochet Cruisers one year’s notice so they can save their money and plan accordingly too!


Please contact Sherry either by phone or email




Toll Free 888-464-1827 ext 101

Local (Florida), 813-657-0844

Fax 813-657-0854


Sherry’s Contact Information


Sherry Leybovich ECCS, LCS, CTA.

Sherry is in Florida & works on Eastern Standard Time Hours.


Cruise Planners Website


Toll Free 888-464-1827 ext 101

Local (Florida), 813-657-0844

Fax 813-657-0854

Mikey, Diva Dan & Jeanne

from The Crochet Crowd

The Crochet Cruises are owned and organized by Mikey and Diva Dan of The Crochet Crowd. Organizing cruises are a great way to meet people from all around the world. We have organized land resorts and oddly enough, you don't get the same reaction and interest that you do with cruises. We invest a lot of our personal time and money to be able to reach our fans with the fun crochet activities that we present on board. We hope to be able to see you soon on one of our cruises. We met Jeanne on one of our cruises and since then she has been a huge help with the cruise private Facebook groups and other day to day activities for The Crochet Crowd.


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