Activity Class Fee

$425.00 USD

We will be having more classes, more fun, more yarn and more time with friends to learn and laugh.


We have special sponsor for gifts on for this cruise. We can't to introduce this quite yet but it is in the works. If you love fine yarn

What is the Activity Package and Fee?

This will include customized badges with lanyards, custom yarn tote loaded with yarn, patterns and much more. This picture is just a representation of what you may receive on board. Yarn and package changes for each cruise based on on-board programming.


Don't forget all the amazing teaching time that Mikey will be offering which is part of the Activity Package Fee. We hope that you see some value in Mikey's taking the time to teach the class.


The Activity Package also covers the expenses to host the entire party on board the cruise ship. Additional fees such as sample making, printing, conference rental, gala, service staff, shipping, dock fees, packaging, yarn and more. Generally you are paying for an event not just for the yarn.


Each VIP Activity Package is worth approximately $650 USD. You are only paying $425, thanks to our sponsors. A thank you to them is greatly appreciative.


The Activity Package is only charged to crocheters who are participating. So crocheters can bring family or friends with them on their holiday. They are not required to pay this fee if they don’t attend the crochet activities.

How to Pay the Activity Fee

New this year


Please Note that we have switched to an All-in-One Invoice.


To simplify the process, we are doing everything in one invoice with our group agent, Sherry. Our agent’s computerized planning system allows us to keep everyone organized through manifests and detailed financials that help us greatly. The Activity Fee is included in the cruise per person pricing. If a guest is not taking part of our activity classes, the fee will be deducted on your invoice.


On your invoice you will see the cruise tickets you will notice


  • If you have purchased excursions.
  • If you have booked through our corporate hotel.
  • New will be the VIP Activity Fee Package. This allows you to do everything at the same time.
  • If you have made addition arrangements with Sherry will also be on your invoice.


A down payment is required for your cruise tickets and the full payment of the activity fee upon reserving a spot on the crochet cruises. Payments for the cruise(s) can be made in installments until the final due date. Full payment of remaining monies owing is required 180 days prior to departure as dictated by the Cruise Line.

We thank Sherry Leybovich for being a saint and  very attentive with all the organization of our cruises. Sherry has a tremendous amount of knowledge of the cruising industry and will help in whatever she can. If you are looking for a personal holiday; land sea or air, Sherry will help you!


The Crochet Crowd Cruises would not be possible without Sherry's help. She loves to talk! You will feel like she has been a friend with you for a long time. She loves the business and it shows.


We at The Crochet Crowd thank you Sherry for being part of our crochet community!