To educate, challenge and explore creativity through the art of crochet with Mikey and The Crochet Crowd by combining enjoyment, relationships, skill building and connective community while hook’n on the high seas.

To give our virtual online community a real-life opportunity to meet the socialite of the crochet world, Mikey, by allowing them to explore new yarns, patterns, stitches and ideas. Giving cruisers the joys of meeting new friends that would not have been possible through the world of social media alone.


It's NOT just about CROCHET, it's the fun!


Fun, Smiles and Lots of Yarn!

The Crochet Cruises founded by The Crochet Crowd in 2013 as a way to brings fans and crocheters together. The Cruises are hosted by Mikey and Diva Dan. It’s essentially a fun floating crochet retreat/vacation. And we mean FUN!


Crocheters certainly love the creative community established on the ships. Crochet is the basis of why we have come together, but we cannot emphasize enough how important and touching that it’s more about the community that we’ve developed online and on board.


While on board, we have workshops and informal gatherings. Workshops range from beginners and beyond. We include a buddy system during class for those that require a bit more help and we stress encouragement and a non-judgmental environment. Actually, the fun is unbelievable!


Guests receive a generous course material package compliments of The Crochet Crowd and our sponsors. Also, we do random giveaways and more. Our goal is to connect together as a crochet community, share and have fun at the same time. Please be aware that there is an one time activity fee for all classes to allow us to present our fun-filled program all week long.


For those who have never cruised before, cruising can be daunting and at the same time exciting. The rates of your cruise tickets includes you cabins, meals, the ports of interest, and amazing  cruise entertainment. In perspective, a floating hotel to exotic locations for a whole cruise or event.


With Crochet Cruises, your full week of activities allows you to enjoy your passion with new found friends. You can bring your family members to enjoy a retreat without having to baby them. The cruise lines have children’s programs and adult fun. You will have your time with us to enjoy your hobby and then after class you can spend lots of time with those traveling with you. It's a win-win.


We have had a lot of cruisers come a solos as well. Our crochet group encourages everyone to meet and greet making you part of the excitement.


We cannot express enough the stories, the tears and the laughters that these cruises has brought us and to those that have joined us. Since then, cruising for us has been more about the fun, the learning and the incredible caring crochet community.

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